There are many different varieties of milk available for consumption. The different milks tend to vary according to the way they are produced, and their fat content.

Liquid milk

Liquid milk is the genuine way of producing milk, as its liquid format remains the same as when it originally comes from the cow.

To preserve all the delicious creamy taste, the nutrition benefits of milk but also to give to our pure milk an extended shelf life from France to Vietnam, Lactel milk is Ultra High Temperature sterilized.

This means that milk is heated very fast to a temperature of at least 135ºC during few seconds in order to kill off any harmful micro-organisms which may be present in the milk.

Liquid milk is available in several varieties depending on:

- the product fat content for a pure milk:

– 3.5% fat for a full cream milk,
– 1.5% fat for a semi skimmed milk,
– 0.1% fat for a skimmed milk

- the ingredients added like aroma for flavored milks.