N°1 milk brand in France sold in more than 50 countries.

A French dairy expert

Lactel offers a wide range of dairy products adapted to all ages, at every life stage:

  • Milk powders & liquid milks for babies
  • Fruit purees & milk for children
  • Classic milks
  • Milks adapted to special needs:
    easy to digest, flavored, barista milk etc.
  • UHT dairy desserts

A bit of history…

For more than 50 years, Lactel has been proving its expertise and know-how in the development of innovative products, from the 1st recyclable UHT milk bottle to the launch of organic milk as of 1995.

1967 – Launch of the Lactel brand

1978 – Launch of the 1st UHT, recyclable milk brick

1990 – Launch of UHT milk bottle

1992 – Launch of Lactel Eveil Growing Up, for babies from 10 months old


Lactel Eveil, for the 1st time in Vietnam!​

  • From the birth of a child to his 1st steps, Baby experiences many “1st times”. His food evolves as he grows.
  • By your side to help your baby reach his full physical and intellectual potential, Lactel Eveil’s nutrition experts have been developing the best growing up products, all made in France.

Lactel Eveil is the ultimate leader on infant formulas in France !

Did you know?

  • Thanks to the UHT process, Lactel’s bottles have a longer shelf life than fresh milk.
  • Lactel pays a high attention to quality and security: our opaque, 6-layer plastic bottle better protects the milk from light.
  • The screw cap allows the milk to better keep its nutritional properties for a few days after opening.
  • All Lactel bottles are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is 100% recyclable.

All our factories have been granted strict and recognized health certificates, to ensure the best quality of our products to our consumers.

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